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The school prom. It’s a rite of passage and the social highlight of your school years. So why settle for just another entrance when you can make a statement that has your classmates doing double-takes? And let’s face it, this isn’t just any night; it’s a defining moment where you transition from adolescence to adulthood. Shouldn’t your transport be just as momentous?

Your VIP Fleet Awaits

Gather ’round all ye school prom-goers because we’ve got a line-up that’s nothing short of spectacular. Looking for opulence? Check out our Rolls-Royce Phantom. Yearning for a burst of speed and sound? The Ferrari Italia might be your speed.

And if you’re leaning towards a group outing that’s more party bus than conventional vehicle, our 16-seater Hummer Limos in White, Pink, or Black are sure to be a hit.

Prom Car Hire Bradford


The Anticipation of the Journey

Not to underestimate the power of anticipation, but sometimes the ride can be just as exhilarating as the arrival. Our chauffeurs are not just drivers; they’re professionals trained in the fine art of making an impression.

From the moment you and your friends step into one of our lavish vehicles, the atmosphere is set. Play your favourite playlist, snap those obligatory selfies, and sip on some non-alcoholic bubbly.

The Details That Make a Difference

Sure, a lot of companies can offer you a car. But at Executive UK Travel, we’re offering you an experience. It’s the little things that set us apart. Take, for example, the interior of our vehicles. They’re not just clean; they’re pristine. We’re talking fresh leather, state-of-the-art sound systems, and interiors that you’d expect in a luxury hotel suite, not just a car.

Health and safety? We consider that a baseline, not a selling point. Every one of our vehicles is subjected to rigorous checks and servicing, abiding by the highest safety standards in the industry. And let’s not forget about our valet service—every car is cleaned and sanitised meticulously before and after each use. It’s not just a job for us; it’s our commitment to excellence.

Our Prom Car Hire Options

8 & 13 seater options

8 & 16 seater options

Farewell to School, Hello to Style

You’ve spent years in those school hallways, and now it’s time to leave them behind. Let’s make sure your exit is as unforgettable as your journey has been. You’ve got one foot in the door to adulthood, and as you take that step, shouldn’t it be in style?

Choosing a ride from our Executive UK Travel fleet isn’t just about the car; it’s about declaring who you’ve become. Think of it as the exclamation point at the end of your school years. Yes, life is about to get real, with new faces and places on the horizon. 

But before that whirlwind begins, let’s pause for a moment and bask in your accomplishments. And while you’re at it, why not take that final lap in a car that’s as unique and spirited as you are? Your school years might be ending, but make the finale one for the books. After all, why go out with a whisper when you can go out with a roar?

Pricing that Won’t Break Your Piggy Bank

We understand that prom is a special night, but also that you’ve got other expenses to consider. That’s why we’ve structured our pricing to be competitive without compromising quality. Ever heard of the term “value for money”? We live by it.

Our rates are transparent, without hidden fees or last-minute surprises. You pay for the ride, but the experience? That comes free. And here’s a life hack for you: gather a few friends, decide on a ride that you all love, and split the costs. Just like that, you’re riding in luxury at a fraction of the price. It’s not just smart; it’s financially savvy.

Our Testimonials

Below is what some of our clients have said about the service they received.

Your Special Night, Our Special Promise

You’ve got the outfit and the attitude; we’ve got the wheels and the professional service. From the moment we collect you from your chosen location, it’s not just a ride—it’s an experience. You have our promise: Your school prom in Bradford will be everything you dreamed of, and maybe just a bit more.

Contact us today, and let the pros at Executive UK Travel hook you up with the ride of your dreams. Let’s make your prom night one that will stand above all others.


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